Utilities industry continue to grow seamlessly, thereby encouraging the organizations to enhance their customer engagement, integrate novel technological advancements, smart operations and deep-industry insights to increase their efficiency and better compliance with the regulatory bodies. However, addressing the aforementioned criteria requires financial investment and resource involvement. The cost of materials, labor challenges and economic turndown are some of the most apparent challenges associated with the industry.

CloudData provides IT solutions that not only address these challenges effectively, but also aim to track space for operation enhancement, visible engagement and better industry returns per se.

Our Utilities services and solutions, backed by deep industry insights, knowledge and innovation, are effective in deploying the strategies, essential for business performance and improvised deployment programs for industries to stay upfront and ahead in the economically demanding market.

Industry Challenges

  • Utilization of the unmonitored resources and assets
  • Addressing the requisites of the industry and markets
  • Ever-increasing demand and supply
  • Increased prices
  • Inappropriate technology integration
  • Lack of proper and reliable tools/systems to meet the technology requisites
  • Managing resources
  • Dynamic nature of regulatory norms and compliances
  • Managing deregulation and up-scaling procedures

Utilities industry besides facing stringent challenges and policies from remotely accessible; however, related industries, the clients of this specific precinct experiences:

  • Cost enhancement and raw materials
  • Asset assessment and optimization
  • Lack of industrial regulation
  • Expanding market trends
  • Regulatory variation of Health and Security

Our Solutions

Smart Grid Utilities

Our IT Smart Grid serves as a most reliable and efficient mode of information and communication distributor. Efficient utilization of this form of resource would enable companies and corporates to make new ways for businesses and establish new networks for a better and secure establishment performance.Our IT services bring together the research and experience, energy transformational agility and industry-specific and customer-oriented strategies to assist your smart grid requisites. Some of the most robust solutions are as follows:

  • Managing communication and information asset
  • System operational efficacy and performance
  • Alerts on outage and blackout information
  • Better technical assistance for smooth operation of information grids
  • Resource and risk management

Water, Gas and Electricity

We are able to provide comprehensive and robust integrated IT solutions related to energy consumer transformation. Our solutions include:

  • Realizing the value of sustained and novel Energy consumptions
  • Prospective markets for the energy conversation, profits and merchandising
  • Insights for energy consumer models focusing on latest trends and developments
  • Meeting the customer satisfaction while ensuring the proper energy consumer transformation and market benefits

Energy Consumer Services

CloudData’s IT Energy Consumer service aims at achieving some key tenants related to the business upliftment; cost management, profit margins and customer assurance and satisfaction. Our Energy utilities service including electricity, gas and water, is based on years of research and customer insights so as to obtain the best and the most proficient service available in the market.

Through our energy-consumer transformation model, we assist clients in developing better and optimized business processes, custom developed management strategies and industry related asset management related to water, gas and electricity.

Carbon Solutions

We deliver one of the most reliable and technologically sound IT carbon solutions to enterprises so as to assist them:

  • reduce energy-associated costs
  • emissions from the industry/factory establishments (CO, CO2, and carbonates)
  • provide ample opportunities to assess energy utilization through Energy Assessment & Evaluation (EAE)

Besides, we deploy our solutions to non-commercial and small organizations to meet the requirement for energy and its optimum utilization.

Our Advantage

CloudData brings together the expertise and the innovative research into all its solutions, thus enabling you exercise your operations in a more agile and robust manner. Some of the advantages, our collaborators experience, are as under:

  • Intelligent business framework
  • Resilient IT solutions and integrated mechanisms
  • Managing waste materials – recycle and usage
  • Simulation systems to assess and analyze industry-specific challenges and areas of development
  • Proactive solutions to monitor the efficiency of the solutions deployed, effective integration and the apparent affect
  • Process harness solutions