The main function of CloudData application services for Microsoft is to help organizations to achieve high performance through delivering advanced business solutions, based on the Microsoft platform. ClouBigD builds up a strong relationship with its clients and partners and deliver better solutions to them, in order to attain high flexibility and productivity in the business system. We provides our clients, Microsoft enterprise based technological solutions, and also works with them on next-generation Microsoft based technologies, so that they can participate in Microsoft Led programmes.

The current market trend requires organization to seek additional benefits and value from the conventional IT investments so as to remain competitive. To accelerate the initiative, development of the application and the technology, and system integration on the Microsoft platform, CloudData Technologies brings together the unique Microsoft-based platform solutions and technical support for our clients.These solutions are adamant in making the IT sectors more scalable and efficient while making the clients realizing and cashing the benefits of the integration for product development, purchase and marketing. Our technical support ensures appropriate integration, implementation and all kinds of support across the Microsoft-based solutions.

Key Aspects of the Solutions

  • Enhancing user-efficiency, thereby affecting the productivity in a more positive manner
  • Sustaining application development and deployment
  • Integrating plans and ideas into more of actionable and progressing operations
  • Maintaining a developing portfolio of the production unit and marketing of the products
  • Optimization and utilization of the IT infrastructure

Our Services

CloudData Technologies offer some of the most resilient and comprehensive detailing of the solutions; services are designed and developed keeping the client requisites, IT structure and potential for maximizing efficiency and productivity.

  • IT structure assessment and analysis for loop holes and integration space
  • Analysis of deployment applications, SharePoint and user apps
  • IT architecture servicing and consultation for defining better plans and documentations
  • Optimizing user central services like .NET, framework integration and OS
  • Migrating data to a more reliable store check server – remediation and maintenance
  • SAP and windows – Integration and interoperability
  • Server-based solutions, SOA, SOIS solutions
  • Dynamics management solutions and CRM
  • Error reporting, SQL reporting and service dynamics
  • Optimized functional assets for servers and databases
  • Intelligent operations applications – Development and Integration

Our Microsoft solutions are sufficient in providing the enterprise the opportunity to maximize efficiency and productivity through its employees. Our Cloud-based Microsoft solutions work in close collaboration with Microsoft Technologies and the platforms like Windows, Office etc.

We offer practical business solutions, which allow you to address most pressing business challenges. We develop a wide range of solutions, with an aim to make most of the Microsoft investments.

Some of the Microsoft specific services, that CloudData offers, are:

  • Application Development
  • Enterprise Resource Development
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Intelligence Development
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Outsourcing Development
  • Collaboration Development

We at CloudData understand client’s requirements, and equally know how to deliver the Microsoft applications with more reliability and in minimum budget.We created various deployment guides for products like Microsoft Exchange 2010, Lync Server, Outlook Web App (OWA) and Windows Terminal services which helps us in start realizing the benefits of deploying advanced Application Delivery right away. Now days, Microsoft application environments are seeing massive data growth. User mailbox sizes continue to increase, multimedia files and document collaboration abound and application databases are growing rapidly.

So, the Question arises why is it happening like that?

The simple and quick answer is Microsoft’s scale, fast and reliable environment providing recovery with smart backup. Increase predictability of Microsoft projects has increased standardization in the IT market. We effectively manage time, people, and quality of the projects.

CloudData Microsoft Solution Benefits are:

  • Reduce Application Latency
  • Ensure Application Availability
  • Maximize Bandwidth and Server Utilization
  • Distribute Traffic Optimally Across Your Server Farm
  • Offload Resource-Intensive SSL Processing
  • Provide Client-Server Persistence
  • Intelligently Load Balance Requests Based on Content
  • Simplified Backup Across Multiple Microsoft Applications
  • In budget

Today’s competing business environment highly demands implementing applications that can influence enterprise systems to several other modules. Java solutions does not care where it runs, whether it is high end server, a small palm top, a mobile or inside a refrigerator. You can write software on one platform and run it on virtually any other platform.CloudData Java Software Solutions helps its clients to build a foundation of programming techniques to foster well-designed object-oriented software. Now days, many modern applications incorporates Java and other open source technologies, but Java applications are easy to use compared to others. We provide a set of Java enabled services which are new, more sophisticated and advanced.

We simultaneously also helps in providing open source technologies and frameworks solutions, such as Struts, Hibernate, Spring, EJBs, and Eclipse increasing the productivity and quality of the cooperative.CloudData Java Solutions base pillars are:

  • Collaborative Team Development
  • Code Archeology
  • Visual EJB and Web Services Development
  • Code Profiling and Performance Tuning
  • Thread Debugging And Analysis
  • Code Audits And Metrics
  • Precise CPU Performance Analysis of Java EE Protocols
  • UML Modeling
  • Visual Swing UI Designer

We implement advanced java based solutions, in order to simplify the the management of the enterprises. We also provide personalized and customized support to improve the overall performance of your business and to meet the complex IT infrastructure challenges. We are delivering infrastructure optimization services with emerging technologies across diverse industries. We help our clients in building the sustainable support, to be technologically ready to take strategic challenges balancing technological as well as the business requirements for long term profitability and for vast business growth for the company.