Organizations and industries are being attracted toward this particular segment of business because of its potential to promote and power conventional resources, trigger industrial revolution and provide an environment conducive for social and financial growth and development. Energy industry, that particularly includes oil, gas, tidal, wind, solar energy, is one of the most rapid and easy to access resources to gain that economical edge in the market. However, there are certain unpredictable challenges that do not allow organizations and industries to enjoy the maximum potential the industry has to offer.

CloudData provides some of the most comprehensive range of IT energy solutions to enable you achieve sustained growth and performance excellence. We provide solutions to help you develop efficient operational capabilities, smart work chain management and improved predictability and reliability in the operations and market. Our IT solutions are industry oriented and are backed by some of the most robust technical innovations and deep industry insights to the address the challenges and achieve the optimized business transformation.

Industry Challenges

While the industry tends to offer a more opportunistic environment for organizations to grow exponential, following are some of the most apparent challenges faced by them.

  • Increasing cost management
  • Exponential utilization of the non-renewable natural resources
  • Increased dependency on renewable resources
  • Infrastructure replacement cost and energy utilization efficiency
  • Ever-increasing market requirements
  • Fluctuation in market resiliency and dependency
  • Challenges associated with risk management and asset management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Health and environment safety

Our Solutions

Networking Transformation

Our IT energy solutions are typically integrated with technological advancements so as to provide some of the most enhanced and client-centric distribution and networking solutions to address all your needs related to dissipation and building effective networks. We provide multi-modal energy networks those utilizes intelligent analytics and automation procedures to effectively manage your resource utilization efficiently and economically.

Asset Integration and Management

We provide IT solutions to enable you make smarter decision related to effective utilization, assessment and management of assets. Additionally, our solutions empower clients to integrated their assets and build a more complementary and coherent business portfolio across all their business operations. Our IT services are based on deep industry expertise, thus aid in exploring further operation opportunities at low risk-associated strategies.

Integration Solutions

For a more comprehensive and energy efficient management and dissipation operation, it is imperative for organizations and industries to monitor and manage their infrastructure units more efficiently. By addressing issues pertaining to monitoring (real-time monitoring), assessment, evaluation and exploration, we enable clients develop a more fundamental approach to their conventional energy practices, cost effective management, improved growth and resiliency.

Production Optimization

CloudData provides effective IT solutions to enable more sophisticated and comprehensively manageable operations so as to leverage the maximum potential of the industry in oil, tidal, wind and other resources. Moreover, our IT energy solutions are equipped with critical components to provide the environment conducive for operational growth and collaboration for better market efficiency.

Customer Operations and Resiliency

With our intelligent IT and technical systems, you can empower your resource generation capabilities, monitor asset performance in real time and integrate all the assets and infrastructure for an overall and improved operations and energy processing. Our IT solutions seamlessly integrates novel technologies and inject new advanced innovations in your current conventional practices, thus enabling you to generate more revenue at minimum cost investment.

Our Advantage

CloudData’s IT energy practices address business challenges and complexities in a manner that enable clients to leverage maximum benefit. With our deep industry domain in oil and gas, we bring together the technology-innovation juncture and procedures for a more robust operational capability.

  • Cloud computing for networking
  • Collaborative solutions for enhanced flexibility and infrastructure diversity
  • Improved applications for platform and device consistency and monitoring
  • IT enabled manufacturing support and management
  • Environment-friendly procedures for safety and regulatory compliance

Energy upstream process is one of the major operations that compose the energy resource utilization and its further processing. Upstream process essentially consists of exploring potential areas enriched with crude resources that can be further refined and modified into product of substance.To provide a reliable and a stable service to meet the needs of the consumer, CloudData is ardent in maintaining a stiff and precise operational methodology. Our upstream service includes:

Natural Gas: From gas production, plant development, gas storage and commodity transportation, we offer complete set of services and documentation at each stage of the process.Besides gas production and control, CloudData has a very diverse set of product services that finds application in resource extraction, power generation and refinement.As a motive of our upstream process we strive to ensure our clients to be a stable, long term partner for local and offshore customers.


Downstream department basically refers to the processing and refining of the resources. This step also includes commodity distribution which is obtained as a result of the raw material processing. We offer several applications and services that ensure better strategies for transformation of crude material like hydrocarbons into more valuable final products. These products are of immense application in day to day chores. Quintessential services like:

  • Refinement of the crude resource
  • Commercial power generation
  • Maximum output from the process while maintaining the stringent regulations to keep a check on local emissions.
  • Future additives: Increase efficiency of the conventional fuels for better mileage and lesser loss of energy
  • Petrochemical extraction and refinement
  • Crude oil refinery

Besides the aforementioned conventional offerings, we also specialize in feed stocking of the raw materials to bring out the best range of crude for the associate. These crude products once are ready for commodity export; we strive to enhance the capital by keeping the product range as flexible as possible to ensure maximum returns from the market.